Tara’s passion for empowering and connecting others has led her to speak at local and international events on a variety of topics, including digital marketing, collaboration and entrepreneurship.

Through sharing her own entrepreneurship journey, her personal experiences growing a business, and actionable takeaways, she has inspired audiences from Canada to Indonesia.

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Tara brings energy, expertise and empowering conversations to boardrooms and ballrooms. She’s located in Vancouver, Canada but is available for both local and international bookings.


“When Tara spoke at our event, I felt like she really put it all out there. She opened up about herself and her experiences in a way that really spoke to me. I'm impressed by the way that she can take her experiences and create teachable, relatable moments. I love that she's not afraid to share recent or imperfect moments, so often I see speakers who have finely tuned talks, but they've lost the vulnerability in all that tuning. Tara has a way of conveying her experiences to show a lesson learned but without losing authenticity.” 

Meredith Garritsen, Hervana Coworking Collective

“Tara is a dynamic speaker and we felt very fortunate to have her speak to our families. Her presentation was well prepared and executed and the accompanying PowerPoint slides were outstanding. Throughout her presentation the audience was engaged. Further, Tara provided families with some powerful tools so that they can better navigate social media sites safely. Finally, the audience feedback was extremely positive. I would highly recommend Tara for any potential speaking engagement.”

Doug Rogers, Vernon School Board

“Tara Clark is a dynamic, engaging speaker that we felt very lucky to have her on stage for our Shetalks event in Surrey, BC. She has an enviable command of communications principles, and we received numerous comments about her ability to engage the audience. Our survey responses showed a superior level of satisfaction.”

Joanne Shum, SheTalks Director

“We were absolutely floored by Tara's extensive knowledge and captured by her charisma when we had her as a guest on Glow Radio. Tara is genuine, authentic, and kind. She is an experienced speaker with so much valuable advice to offer.”

Jacquelyn & Clara, GlowRadioCo

“It was one of the best presentations we've had in the context of social media management and how it works in the real world. Tara was amazing at presenting her story, her job, the day to day operations and dealing with clients. She answered our questions thoroughly and it was a delight to listen to her speak.”

Student, Langara College

“Tara's presentation about her company has been my favourite presentation all semester. She provided me with such useful information about building a brand and how to build customer relationships. Tara gave me amazing advice in a short period of time. I will definitely be reaching out to her in the future.”

Student, Langara College